Other Empire Services

A business built on Diversity.

At the Empire Construction Group we have a wide range of other services that may suit your requirements.

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Other Services.

⦿ Structural Calculations

Due to our experience in the industry, we have been able to build great working relationships with Structural Engineers. Should your project require this service, then we can advise, instruct and liaise on your behalf as time is precious and efficiency is a key element.

⦿ Construction Design Management (CDM) Regulations 2015

Certain responsibilities under the CDM Regulations 2015 are required to be carried out by the client. This is all dependent on a number of things, including the scope of works and whether domestic or commercial. We can advise you on these responsibilities and how to proceed.

⦿ Party Wall Act 1996

Certain works require the services of a Party Wall Surveyor and the production of a report / party wall agreement. We can liaise with a company that can provide these services on your behalf. Advice can be given to you regarding this matter and whether it would affect your proposed works.