The Journey

Your Projects Journey With Empire

We at Empire Architectural Designs pride ourselves on providing a structured and efficient service to our clients. Our services can be tailored to match each client’s needs, as no two clients are the same.

⦿ Combing the skill and vision of the Designer with the expert knowledge and professionalism of the Construction Team to provide a seamless and efficient service.

⦿ We will work together as a team and using our excellent knowledge of materials and finishes to add that “bespoke feel” to your home

⦿ With Empire nothing is left to chance, as we already have, the right team in place.

      ⦿ Professionally qualified staff, with a wide range of knowledge and experience.

      ⦿ A team of skilled, polite and hardworking tradespersons.

      ⦿ Defined channels of communication and accountability.

      ⦿ A team of skilled, polite and hardworking tradespersons.

      ⦿ A quest for you to be a satisfied client and so forward our business, by producing a quality finished product.

      ⦿ An excellent health and safety ethos.

Unlike some companies we include the client as part of the team, so you can be as involved or not as you wish. Through all stages from initial meeting to project handover, there will always be someone available for you to discuss the progress of your project.

The road maybe long, so why not undertake the journey, together.